Samsung C+T


A well-known sub-brand of Samsung C+T, Raemian is the leading builder of high-rise flats in South Korea.


With a change in Chief Executive, Raemian’s internal interior design team was invited to justify its on-going relevance and ensure its future by sufficiently connecting design to the corporate goals. The team was also asked to demonstrate that an advanced design management system had been envisioned along with a method to integrate it into the company culture.


This project involved detailed in-market interviews with the Chairman, President, Vice Presidents and Senior Managers of both Raemian and its parent company Samsung C+T.  A questionnaire was developed and the statistical analysis of the responses provided a snapshot of current perceptions of the role of design within the company.

The design management strategy was built addressing both existing perceptions and the perception gaps identified. Interim presentations were given with subsequent feedback integral to the final submission of four strategy documents. Of the ten points for design maturity set out within an internal programme for change, seven were adopted almost immediately.