My approach has evolved over many years through collaboration with clients across numerous sectors.

A more strategic overview is based upon an objective and collaborative analysis of an existing situation, combined with carefully considered judgements on future opportunity.

The goal is to maximise sustainable advantage and deepen the impact of future actions.

Designers bring a user-centred approach and future-focused insight along with design methods including visualising, mapping and inductive thinking.

The goal is to engage leaders and stakeholders in imagining their preferred future and in designing the pathways to get there.

Open-minded, impartial and positive, I focus on building collaborative and inclusive processes that achieve the outcomes required.

The goal is to seek out the shared purpose and to achieve alignment of action with all voices heard and ownership of both the process and outcomes retained.

As a qualified coach, I facilitate a positive and reflective atmosphere in which it becomes possible for the real conversations to emerge and, when needed, a shift in perception to unfold.

The goal is to create a positive and supportive space and conversation through which constructive movement in perception and thinking can occur.

Bringing a consultant’s clarity and frank objectivity to a situation helps my clients to move forward. This is particulalry effective where conflicts need acknowledged and worked through; where divergent agendas need aligned and where teams are creating and shaping new opportunities.

The goal is to bring positive engagement to support better decision making and sustainable ‘action with ownership’.