A selection of clients both past and present includes:


A year-long programme of collaborative, multi-headed internal workshops facilitating the re-design of the digital presence of this major UK broadcaster.

Commissioned by the then MD, I researched and authored an internal report arising out of the insight interviews that I conducted at all levels of the company across three countries, in order to inform the development of a global internal communications strategy.

Collaborating with the Global Vice President for Product Development, I designed and delivered a two-day international annual summit for the internal design and engineering teams focused on the needs and opportunities of the year ahead.

Collaborating with a retail bank’s local advertising agency, I planned and delivered a workshop for the full c-suite to create and develop a new and compelling customer-facing positioning statement as a counter to increased competition from fintech and other local competitors.

A one-day internal workshop with participants from across a number of different divisions and departments aligning thinking on digital and customer experience.

Working closely with Rudd Studio and Raffworks a radical repositioning was delivered for this UK technology company that dramatically set it apart from its competitors and introduced a new approach to identity and communications within the sector.

Design Consultancies

Design and delivery of a vision and strategy workshop for two internal London-based teams optimising upcoming organisational change.

Supported the development of the wayfinding strategy underpinning the design of the current signing system in Selfridges London.


Supported the partners of this London-based design agency in shaping the trajectory of their business growth.

Facilitated a series of strategy workshops with the Director team and whole-company engagement workshops to support business growth.

Contributed strategy and insight to significant pitches in support of successful new business development for this Luxembourg graphic design consultancy.

A successful four-year collaboration on the strategy and implementation of new business development activity.

Design Promotion

Co-authored with Tapio Koskinen of Aalto University, Helsinki, ‘Design for Growth & Prosperity’ the final report of the European Commission’s European Design Leadership Board.

Supporting visioning and strategy development with the CEO of the Barcelona Design Centre.

Design and delivery of a ground-breaking one-day workshop for the Design Institute of South Africa uniting the many key players in the design promotion landscape to evolve a unified position for communicating with government to encourage support for design at the national level.

Working closely with the CEOs of Design Austria in Vienna and Creative Industries Styria in Graz on the development of design policy.

A long-term relationship with collaborations on diverse projects over a number of years, including more recently, up-to-date research and analysis on access to EU funded programmes. The output informed the successful bid to lead the Design Europe consortium.